What our Professionals have to say…

  • Very pleased with A’s transition from school to college. Behaviours much reduced at the time of the review. A’s potential is beginning to emerge which bodes well for the future.
  • College staff instrumental in incorporating professional recommendations. Transparency demonstrated at all times by staff and quality, person-centered care delivered at all times.
  • The review at the college was very informative to the parents and I was impressed by the support parents are receiving from Regent College and staff.

“Transition process is very good.”

“Good support offered to students through period of transition.”

“Students make excellent progress with special support and dedicated and experienced staff.”

“K. appears to have settled well.”

“Really pleased with O. progress. Person centered learning is obviously a strength.”

“Really pleased with progress A. has made in such a short space of time.”

“Very good outcomes for my client.”

“Robust planning in place for transition.”

“I am really impressed by the college’s collaborative and open working – thank you.”

“This was my first review with G. Sounds like she is making good progress and a good idea to work on reception.”

“Thrilled with the progress A. is making.”

“The transition process worked extremely well for H. and has enabled him to settle well into college.”

“I think that the experience has been very positive for R, given the difficulties first faced on leaving The Meadows School. Staff have been very creative in facilitating the ‘Taster Sessions’ for R. prior to starting this September.”

“It is clear from the review that A. has made considerable progress as a result of the support she has received from College Tutors.”

“Student support has been very person-centered. Review was presented very well.”

“Always professional and friendly.”

“It is always a pleasure and personally rewarding to visit Regent College, it’s pupils and staff.”

“A very positive experience in collaborative person centered working. Thank you.”

“Excellent service. Brilliant outcomes for the young people.”

“I first met L. in January, and he has improved greatly since that time. His first year at the college has been very successful.”

“J. seems to have settled in really well at Regent.”

“Supporting A. very well at College.”

“I have been very impressed with my client’s time at Regent College, and would definitely recommend this provision to other clients.”

“Good relationships between Regent and respite people.”

“I have been impresses by the range of activities K. does and the support given by the College.”

“Lovely positive review with all options discussed fairly.”