What our Parents have to say…

  • Our experience of Regent College has been extremely positive. The support of our son during the three years could not have been better. You have done a brilliant job! Thank you.
  • We are pleased with the progress so far and hope O. continues to grow in confidence as he continues his time here.
  • Had a wonderful experience at Regent College. H. has never sat at a review, which was a lovely experience for us as parents and H. Many thanks to all involved.

“I am so happy for C. He is in a wonderful environment. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments and the great support.”

“Would like to offer thanks to all the staff and assistants for all their help and support.”

“Healthy snack options.”


“A big thank you to all the staff at Regent College for all your help with D’s care.”

“3 wonderful years, very sorry J. is leaving. Excellent staff.”

“Very pleased with T’s progress.”

“Well done to everyone at Regent. Thanks.”

“Sad to see D. leave this college as it’s such a lovely college and he has come on so much, and thank you for everything you have done.”

“More than happy with all aspects.”

“Really pleased with D. progression here, so much more grown up and able to cope. So sad he has to leave (grandparent).”

“Very pleased with everything.”

“Great review. Lots of progress. Extremely happy.”

“Absolutely thrilled with all aspects.”

“Fab! Would recommend to anyone.”

“Mum says that she is happy with everything at college. She is starting to worry about when G. finishes college.”



“L. is really coming on with his confidence and is enjoying college. Well done L!”